A Beginner’s Guide to Creating an Online Portfolio and How it Can Enhance Your Career

We’re interacting with our computers and devices more every day. There’s an incredible number of opportunities for photo editing, games, animating, or uploading videos online. Kids (even babies) are using their parents’ phones for everything from booking doctors’ appointments to sending texts and asking friends to send messages to their grandma. Which means the game is changing, and skills a child learned yesterday – how to use apps on your phone – become increasingly valuable today.

An online portfolio can help provide future employers with some insight into your talents and qualities- that you’re able to work in certain areas of expertise, communicate in a certain style, or create materials using particular software. And oftentimes it takes a portfolio of work for someone who may never get hired because they don’t have all the experience required when coming into the interview room and it’s suddenly something they can show off.

Also a well-built online portfolio can serve as a vector of marketing in one’s search of employment. It can open doors for you, especially if you have great content that showcases your skills.

What is a good online portfolio? It should include all of your best work and showcase what you can do. Hence it is imperative to be truthful to the online world who are going to judge everything you put up.

An online portfolio should have a clear design, demonstrate your skills and serve as an aid to get hired.

In order to create an attractive portfolio, students need the right software and learning certain skills like basic design, social media integration, content writing and graphic design. These inclusive digital portfolios could help you build a first step into the field of your interest.

On a platform such as LinkedIn, it is vital to create an entrepreneurial brand by showcasing your accomplishments and using design elements such as white space. You should also include relevant content in your portfolio and choose a theme that showcases the type of work you do across various spaces.

This section will cover how to choose the right platform when building your personal portfolio site and considering layout options, what be the best to showcase my accomplishments, providing expertise in working with diverse teams, effective communication skills and more!

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