20 Reasons How Brands Lose Trust

One of the major challenges brands are facing today is how trust levels have fallen. Customers always want more than promised, a guarantee that their needs are fulfilled and that what they’re being sold will be beneficial to them.

Humans have been surviving while brands lost trust. Keep in mind that you cannot establish a great brand without taking your audience into consideration right from the beginning. If the customer feels like they are not recognized, you lose their trust.

Trust is a key factor for business success and brand loyalty. In this blog, we will explore 20 reasons how brands lose trust.

1) Brands do not have an effective response system in place, which means that they can’t provide the right level of service to customers.

2) They don’t listen to their customers, who are constantly complaining about the company’s poor service or products.

3) They don’t pay attention to what their customers want and need, instead focusing on what they know best – their product.

4) They don’t offer enough value for their customers and as a result lose them over time.

5) They do not have a strategy in place for how they will be able to rebuild trust with their customers when things go wrong.

6) Prominent social media posts that do not conform to a brand’s reputation.

7) Partnering with third party organizations that are often contentious.

8) A significant amount of followers merely to boost visibility without providing any real value.

9) Confusingly depicting messages and the misunderstood sentiment of that message.

10) Allowing others to speak for them using the brand’s name when they should be taking the lead internally or externally.

11) The focus of advertisements instead may be misaligned with what people want.

12) Forgetting branding means forgetting to realize your core mission as a brand.

13) Communication breakdown resulting in missed opportunity with unpredictable price spikes.

14) refusing to disclose important information on safety, quality and costs.

15) disrespectful advertising labels.

16) The Talk But Don’t Walk Mindset.

17) neglecting speed as a competitive advantage.

18) failing to solve problems with ease.

19) The opinion of target audience is ignored.

20) Lack of transparency in initiatives and advertising and Misleading marketing tactics.

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