11 Ways To Create A Catchy Company Name

Coming up with a catchy company name is not always easy. There are endless considerations when coming up with a smart name, from how memorable it

is to what people will expect from the business.

Generate your own word associations by drawing out as many shapes and words that start with each letter in your company name. Start with O and you might come up with Ostap Industrial, Octopus Solutions or Ohio Adventure Tours!

Fun fact: more than 70% of all companies are named by employees.

The following article provides 10 ways to help you create an attractive company name.

1. Start With An Idea
2. Research Your Industry’s Top Market Leaders, And Create A Combination Of Most Famous Keywords
3. Add American, Space, International Or .Company To The Name
4. Connect A Personal Connection To It & Make It Memorable
5. Think Different & Unusual (Creative Thinking)
6. Make It Unique
7. Add A “New” Or “First” To The Name
8. Change The Location
9. Make It Easy To Say
10. Don’t Use Any Acronyms
11. Keep It Short And Clear

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